The Benefits of Postural Screenings

Postural screening is a process that involves testing postural positioning. It is conducted by a chiropractor to identify some musculoskeletal disorders. The screening helps detect issues before they become serious problems. Therapists can uncover posture issues that many people may not even realize they have.


Unfortunately, most people assume that if they do not feel any discomfort in the spine, then there is no problem. Screening can help detect postural positioning that, if left untreated, can cause chronic back and neck conditions.


Getting Postural Screening


Physical therapy and chiropractic treatment can help identify the needs and concerns of clients. Therapists can come up with solutions to relieve discomfort and pain. Many people go about their daily business and social activities not thinking much about their posture. Proper spinal alignment is vital for optimum health.


During spinal and posture screenings, the spine is examined to look for improper curves. A misaligned spine can cause issues such as migraines, difficulty sleeping, and more. The screening can help reveal essential health information.


Diseases Caused by Poor Posture


When the body is not in proper alignment, the spine will usually compensate by bending to accommodate the position. This places extra stress on the spine and the surrounding tissues. With time, poor posture can lead to spinal disease or injuries. Some of the diseases include:


  • Scoliosis

  • Herniated discs

  • Chronic headaches

  • Strained, pulled, or sprained muscles

  • Sports injuries

  • Shoulder injuries

  • Back or neck pain


Benefits of Postural Screening


Postural screening can help obtain information that is crucial for finding the right treatment. This can help in improving general health and well-being. The screening not only determines the current health but also helps in finding the cause of the health problem. That headache, neck, or back pain can be a symptom of posture problems.


The specialists are highly skilled, and they use the latest techniques and advanced equipment to diagnose and treat spinal issues. This helps ensure that the nerves, discs, ligaments, muscles, and tendons are properly aligned.


During Postural Screening


There are things that you can expect during a postural screening. Modern technology can help in revealing an underlying issue. The screenings reduce the time required for diagnosis and show the best way to provide effective treatment.


During the postural screening, the spinal joints and the surrounding muscles are evaluated. The therapists assess the patient’s range of motion and tender areas. They also check stress points, spinal misalignments, and other problems. These are issues that can impact posture and overall health.


Finding Effective Treatment


Postural screenings are beneficial for coming up with the best treatment plan for each patient. A comprehensive, personalized treatment plan can help correct the root cause of the problem. The chiropractor can recommend various corrective measures for posture issues and use several techniques for treatment. The right chiropractor will have specialized training to perform procedures that will help determine and treat the issue.


Poor posture in the adolescent years can lead to the development or progression of chronic pain and arthritis in adulthood. Children and young adults can benefit from postural screening.


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